Fremde Federn: Die 10 besten TED-Talks zum Thema Sex

Heute mal eine Sammlung von TED talks, gefunden hier.  Unterhaltsame, informative Vorträge auf hohem Niveau.  But they are in English. I hope you don’t mind.

This is a collection of sex-positive presentations with lots of new information. They may stimulate you, and they may make you laugh at times. Mary Roach telling you facts about orgasm that you surely never heard before.  If you don’t know what sex and math have in common, listen to Clio Cresswell – she’s going to tell you. What is a hydrostatical skeleton and what’s its relationship with the penis, that’s what Diane Kelly will tell you. Jenna McCarthy has suggestions for a lifelong happy marriage.

Some more sober presentations are Shereen El Feki about sex and marriage in Arab countries. Four more talks are about sex and society. What are the consequences of the concept of “shame” on human behavior? How does Western philosophy lock your identity to your sexuality? How important it is to see sex as something completely normal, as part of your life. Sheila Kelly speaks about the need to undress, both literally and indirectly.

The last tow videos are about pornography. Cindy Gallop tells you why she created the website makelovenotporn and what she doesn’t like in porn stereotypes. Finally, Gary Wilson explains how excessive porn consumption can influence your brain – and what this means. Plus tow bonus videos about…love, after all.

Schaut sie euch an, eine tolle Auswahl. Am besten im Bett oder im whirlpool. Viel Spaß!

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