Money is power. Nothing is more powerful than money. Guns are power. But money is more powerful.

My boss asks me to represent my company at the summer reception of the finance ministry. Yeah. The Ministry Of Finance. The real power in the country. The boss himself can’t make it. He doesn’t reside in the Capital of Germany. So I’ll do it. For him. Me. The company’s most unconventional person in this country. I’m not even a native. A crazy foreigner. Nevermind. Yes. I’ll do it.

I spend days thinking about what to wear. What personality to be. The serious functionary, grey and unremarkable, or the whore, brilliant and remarkable. You can imagine what I decide. I will be the most sexy, the most feminine person in the whole event. The whore. Yeah.

It’s much smaller than I anticipated. Two hundred people, maximum. So I am among the two hundred most important people in this country? I can’t believe it. I am a foreigner.

You see these important people. The minister. His most important aides. Some of them I only know because of a Wikipedia research beforehand. I am well prepared.

The first guy you get to talk to is Mario Draghi. Europe’s Central Banker. Not anymore. You ask yourself, he looks like Draghi, but it can’t be him, right? He talks Italian on his phone, or pretends he is talking to someone, and this beautiful woman being yourself approaches him and suddenly nobody is calling him anymore. The phone goes silent. He loves to talk to you. And you like to talk to him, he is such an affable, likable personality. Like almost every Italian man. Almost. Mario, it was a pleasure talking to you. Maybe you wanted more, I didn’t. (Why? It could have been a lot of fun…)

The minister arrives. You are important because you talked to Draghi like an old friend. So you now talk to the Minister, because Draghi is no longer important and you are beautiful and sexy. So the Minister finds you important, not Draghi. Great. You love it. You don’t find the Minister sexy, but you find his power sexy. The Vice Chancellor.

And the Minister tells you what’s on in this country. He explains the world to you. How he sees it. He will be the President of the Party. The Party. Well, you ask, this party isn’t all that important any longer. He tells you, you don’t know anything. You will see. The party will come back. It will be key for the future of the country. Yeah. Probably. Maybe. Seriously?

Seriously. That’s what they believe here. Nobody else does. But they do.  They believe what they say. You can’t believe that they believe what they say.

We’re in outer space, looking at the earth from 20 000 kilometers distance.

No. We’re on Ground Zero. They seriously believe what they say. They play a role, like you do, but they believe it. Unlike you. You don’t believe for a minute in your role. You represent your company, not yourself. You play a role.

Wait a minute.

The corporation in you agrees with your true self that this is surreal. This stuff that you hear here isn’t what a realistic assessment would say, okay. Your corporation wants a true assessment. Not fantasy reports.

How can it be that he most unconventional, the most nonconformist personality in the finance sector in this country can be in complete harmony with probably everybody else in her company in saying, these guys are fooling themselves?


That’s how it is.

You are in complete harmony with your role.

They expose themselves to you because you are the whore playing to their feelings. They want the whore to love them. They aren’t pretending, they are honest. They want the whore they’re talking to to like them, to love them.

They are a joke.

Man, I don’t know. Is it men out of touch with reality? Probably. Is it representatives of a dying “ancien regime” not knowing what they’re talking about? Probably. Maybe I am the enlightened representative of capital looking with awe at politicians supposed to serve us, but making a big mess of everything? Probably. Yeah, I find myself in that role.

I keep asking them what they want us to do. We’re in crisis mode, Germany heading for recession, so can we help? No answer. The want me to tell them what they should do. How surreal. I believe some twenty or thirty years ago, people like me probably asked the politicians what they should do, and hoped they would do it.

Today, they ask me what to do. Me.

I know it is suicidal to write about this. They’ll find out who I am. But my boss will be proud of me. He is a good capitalist who knows, when the powers that be are heading for the brink, you need to keep a distance. He’s right. Nobody else in his team understands that, just me.

Looking at the people here, I am beginning to believe that I should be the powerful person ruling the country. I understand what’s going on. They don’t.

But I am powerless. I can’t change anything. Powerful means, you can change things. I can’t.

But who can?

No idea. The system is so interlinked nobody can change it unless it crashes altogether.

Common madness, perhaps.


I don’t know.

Excuse me, is this the way to the finance ministry?

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I am a mystery.
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5 Antworten zu Power

  1. McMeier schreibt:

    Sunflower for Chancellor!

  2. PRVZ schreibt:

    Du wirst nur „mächtig“ wenn Du einen Fehler gemacht hast.
    Einen großen Fehler. Den aber keiner weiß.
    Ein Kind gefickt, einen Hund, irgend etwas unappetittliches mit Geld.
    Dann haben Sie Dich im Griff. Vorher bist Du uninteressant.
    Wenn Du integer bist wirst Du allenfalls Bundestagspräsident.
    Ist aber im Beruf genau so. Bist du zu gut, machst du zu wenige Fehler, bist Du gefährlich für deine Cheffs. Hast Du Kacke an der Hacke wirst Du eher befördert, man kann dann immer sagen, aber hallo, wie war das denn da und da ? Ruhig bleiben, Fresse halten, nix machen !
    So einfach ist die Welt. Some times…..

  3. schwarzmaler20 schreibt:

    What an awesome way to living life. Would lift my hat if I’d had one.

  4. Pjotr Panini schreibt:

    Negativauslese, so what?

    https://www.aphorismen.de/zitat/9242 (m/w)

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