I feel like a political prostitute tonight. Yeah. Like an economic prostitute, a business prostitute. I am lobbying for those who pay me to lobby for them. Yes, that’s the way it is.

Arriving  at this business reception, that guy attaches my name tag at my breast in a most sexist way. Grabschen is how the Germans would call it. He puts his hands at my breast to attach the name tag in a most offensive way. You tolerate it, since you have to be at this reception at any price. Half the cabinet is supposed to be there, you can’t miss it. They expect you to be there. You accept anything, anything, just to be invited and get there, and they know it. A beautiful lady is “freiwild” here.

Ich hasse sie, diese Typen hier. 90 percent men here. Selbstzufrieden, sie regieren dieses Land. Sie können sich alles erlauben. Nicht die Minister, die nicht, nein. Aber ihre Hintermänner, ihre Assistenten, ihre security guys. Die Minister kommen und gehen, sie bleiben.

Ok, du hast es geschafft. Du bist drin. Du kannst dich jetzt an sie ranschleimen. Dafür wirst du  bezahlt. You are a political prostitute, remember this. You’re not supposed to have sex with them, no way. You’re supposed to say what they want you to say, to sing the song they want to hear. You do that with all the excellence they expect from you. You listen to what they say. That’s what matters, what they say. You smile, in the most charming way. But they say nothing, except the things they want you to listen to, you make it into something important. You need to be important, so you make this an important business. It’s all fake. They’re not telling you want you want to hear, what you need to hear. So you have to make it into something important.

What a shitty business. I hate it. Sometimes I’d rather be a real whore, that would be more fun than this charade.

There is this other lady. You feel it, she’s the only one to beat you. She is so sexy, so charming, so beautiful. Who is she? No idea.

She’s your competitor. You must get her out of this game.

It happens, surprise, she’s getting close to you.

Hi. Nice to meet you.

No. Surprise. I didn’t expect that. She’s friendly, charming, respectful. What a lady.

We talk and we forget all these men, these idiots around us. We’re not doing our job anymore. She’s brilliant. She likes me, I like her. We ignore the guys – the guys we’re paid for to talk to, to make contact. At some point, nice to have talked to you, you’re such a great lady, here’s my namecard, feel free to get in touch with me, anytime you want, bye bye, kiss you.

Suzanne. You’re adorable. I love you. We both rarely despised men so much as we did tonight, you and me together. I wish you and me ruled the country, sleep together every night, and all those guys were our servants.

Suzanne. I love you, really, you made this terrible night a wonderful night. I’ll never forget you. I love my job for getting to know ladies like you. I hate my job for having to be with all the rest.


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I am a mystery.
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