One week in a refugee camp

This blog is having a break, for the first time. Sunflower is going abroad. No, not for summer vacations. Sunflower was supposed to have no summer vacations at all this year, because of her new job. But she insisted on this one week. Not Ibiza, the Caribbean, Santorini, as usual. How can you party at the Mediterranean when  thousands die on the very same Mediterranean every day? No way. Sunflower will spend a week as a volunteer in a Syrian refugee camp, in Jordan.

No clue how helpful she will be. She won’t tell others what to do. She will take orders. Serving food, cleaning up the mess, whatever needs to be done. Trying to undo a very little bit what American Presidents, German Chancellors have done to this region, by their unbridled support for the Zionists, for Arab dictators. I am crying for these wonderful people and the abyss they are going through, particularly the women of Syria, of Iraq, of Palestine.

No clue whether there will be internet access. Even if there’s internet access, I won’t care. My heart, my mind will not be with this wonderful little blog for this week. Please understand. I will be back in a week. Stay tuned. Thank you so much.

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8 Antworten zu One week in a refugee camp

  1. westendstorie schreibt:

    Du großartiges Weib du. Hab einen Kloß im Hals.Hast ja eh schon meinen größten Respekt ♥

  2. Großartig ist genau das richtige Wort dafür! Respekt!

  3. HairyComment schreibt:

    Alles gute und respekt!

  4. MT schreibt:

    Wünsche Dir viel Kraft dazu! Die wirst Du brauchen.

  5. kultgenosse schreibt:

    größter Respekt!

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