Alone and naked in the desert wird immer mehr zu einem Kunstblog. Mode ist Kunst, sowieso. Diese Fotoserie müsst ihr ansehen.

The world crumbling, the innocence and beauty striving to survive, the earth asleep beneath the weight of our absent selves: Remi Rebillard‘s inexhaustible motifs build way for yet another breathtaking photo shoot, one sublimely depicting the world at float between hope and despair.

A gorgeous and powerful Raphaëlle, stripped down of any element that may have tied her to humanity, distances herself from the audience, seeming to be asking “what have we done to the world”? Making for a surreal encounter, the photo shoot displays the world as seen through eyes wide with eternal brightness.

loveneverdesertherbyremirebillard7 loveneverdesertherbyremirebillard3 loveneverdesertherbyremirebillard2 loveneverdesertherbyremirebillard4

Manchmal träume ich, dass ich mein Leben genau so beenden werde. Walking alone and naked into the desert, empty of people, empty of any living things, you disappear into the wide empty desert, and you never come back. It is not a frightening perspective, dying this way seems to me like returning to where I came from. Whatever. Hopefully  in 50 years time, maybe. Hopefully not in a wheelchair. Anyway. This post is not about death, it is about Remi.

Remi Rebillard ist ein brillanter Photograph. Viele wunderschöne Bilder kannst du hier bewundern. Can beauty survive in a world that is drifting away? Diese Frage stelle ich mir jeden Tag. Beauty will survive, because beauty is the essence of culture and civilization. This lady


will not die, since the train will never come. The train company was privatized and closed.

The Road to Nowhere

theroadtonowherebyremirebillard15 theroadtonowherebyremirebillard1

And more outstandingly beautiful scenes.

RemiRebillard6 MalgosiaBelabyRemiRebillard7


Über sunflower22a

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