Fremde Federn: memoirs of an internal revolution

Eigentlich sind Gedichte nicht so mein Fall. Aber keine Regel ohne Ausnahme. Numzical, the Bed Blogger, mit ihrem Blog „memoirs of an internal revolution”.

Schon ihre Selbstdarstellung macht sie für mich sehr interessant:

I am a female of Iranian, Pakistani, and Burmese heritage, in my 20s, born and raised in the Middle East, who made a decision to break out of the shell she was once held protected in, and step into the real world – unprepared. I am critiqued on a regular basis for being too naive and uselessly nice. I smile a lot and I smile big. On the other hand, I am outspoken, ambitious, and sometimes too harsh with when stating my honest opinions. I look at my life from a third person’s perspective most of the time. Like everyone, I have baggage but I leave it behind everyday, little by little. I continue observing, experimenting, surviving and learning as I stumble through life, and creating theories from what I understand of this mad, mad world.

Ein wirklich schönes Gedicht von ihr möchte ich hier empfehlen:  Stupid Man.

Ellery Gutierrez crear-sobre-lo-creado

Über sunflower22a

I am a mystery.
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